Sunday, June 4, 2017

The Edge Of Everything



 Zoe is not your average seventeen-year-old teenage girl. This year has set her apart from the rest; she is still reeling from the sudden, mysterious death of her father, and the awful murder of her sweet elderly neighbors. Zoe is not sure how much more she can take when her world goes upside down once again. She and her brother get attacked in the woods next to their home after fleeing from the sub-zero blizzard that is raging all around. The man who killed their neighbors is back and ready to finish them off too. When suddenly, they are rescued by a strange young man with bruises under his eyes and inhuman powers. Zoe soon finds out he is a bounty hunter called X.
    X is no regular bounty hunter he is sent from a hell that he calls Lowlands to capture the soul of Zoe's attacker and all the other men like him. X breaks many of the Lowlands rule when saving Zoe and her brother and soon has to pay the consequences. But he promises Zoe before he leaves that unless "both worlds conspire to keep us apart, I shall find my way back" or something like that. 

    Once X is back in the Lowlands he starts to question just why is her there exactly and how can he get out. Together and apart Zoe and X start to question everything they know, the past, and their future together. 

My Personal Opinion 

 I felt like this book was really predictable and the romance progressed way too fast and that made it seem unrealistic. I liked the idea behind the novel but found the writing to be lacking and unable to convey the maturity and full description of the story it was telling. I also found that the dialogue of the main and supporting characters was strange and forced everyone to seem like either an uneducated hipster or a noble from the 18th century. It seemed to me that the author was trying a little to hard to make this novel relatable to teenagers and in doing so pushed us away.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Me Before You


Louisa Clark is an ordinary woman living an ordinary life, the only thing that sets her apart from the
masses is her bizarre sense of fashion. Lou has a steady job, boring boyfriend, and lives with her family. She is happy with the way things are until she loses her job and has to change her way of thinking. She begins hunting for another place of employment and is not very happy with what she finds. Finally the job center tells her that she can help a wheel-chair bound man or become a stripper, because no other positions are open.
     At first the man in her care (Will Traynor) is hostile and rude pushing her away but after Lou refuses to treat him differently because of his injury, he starts to warm to her. He is moody and bossy and hates the way that he is now restricted, like he never was before. Will is sure he cannot continue to live this way.
      They become closer and closer; watching movies, discussing books, and taking trips of a lifetime. Will sees the potential in Lou where no one else has, and encourages her to leave this small town, and live her life to the fullest. Soon Louisa cares more about him than she expected and when she finds out about Will's plans, she sets out to show him that life is worth living.

    The love story of this generation. Two completely different people fall in love under extraordinary circumstances and they have to answer this heartbreaking question; What do you do when making the person you love happy also means breaking your own heart? 

The Edge Of Everything

By JEFF GILES      Zoe is not your average seventeen-year-old teenage girl. This year has set her apart from the rest; she is still ree...