Monday, May 22, 2017

The Witch Hunter: Book Discussion With Guest


Q&A Book Discussions With A Guest

What did you think of the story overall?

Me: I thought it was well written and very entertaining. It kept me up until midnight finishing the last page, because it just couldn't wait for morning. There is magic, romance, character development, and plenty of action/adventure. What more could a girl ask for? 

Her: It was a powerful page turner that kept you guessing until the very end. With a strong female lead that slowly but surely discovers herself as the story progresses.

Favorite part about the novel?

Me: That it managed to incorporate so many different ideas. Character development, strong females, magic, romance, justice, mystery, etc.

Her: That the main character was strong and quick thinking, someone that I could relate to.

How did you feel reading it?

Me: I went through a range of emotions. That strongly correlated with what the main character seemed to be feeling at the time. I felt a little frustrated when she was slow on the uptake or to trust those who obviously meant her: well but I was happy when she found love and embraced the truth, and her new way of life. I was relieved when she managed to avoid death yet again and come out victorious. I felt her sadness when she had to leave her old life and when her old friends disappointed her. But mainly I felt on the edge of my seat while reading this novel, always anxious to see what happens next

Her: I also went through a range of emotions as I made my way through this novel. I was angry every time she came into contact with her old boss Blackwell, he's just a very despicable character. I was hooked on the parts where Elizabeth's and John's relationship blooms and on edge whenever they had to fight.

What seemed to be the theme carried throughout this book?

Me: Change is the theme I see repeated most in this book. Mainly changes in the main character (Elizabeth); All of her beliefs, in magic, life, who to trust, etc. change throughout the course of this novel. I see a change in her physical appearance, she loses some of her hard earned muscles and begins to soften a little, gain some curves. Elizabeth's love life also goes through some drastic changes. She starts off infatuated with her best friend Caleb but she is forced into being the kings lover and then she ends up falling for John when her nurses her back to health. 

Her: The theme that I noticed was self-discovery. She was lied to most of her life and based her entire lifestyle on what she has been told. Now she has to peer past the lies and discover what she believes, turning on everything she has ever known, and act on her new discoveries.

What did you think of the book ending?

Me: I liked it because it did draw the novel to a conclusion of sorts but made you ready for the next one. 

Her: I was so ready to read the next one right afterwards. It leaves you in suspense. Now she has something to lose where she didn't before and you know that the people who can take it from her are still out there. You know that this novel was only the beginning. 

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