Thursday, May 18, 2017

Girl In Pieces

Charlie Davis is in pieces. At the young age of seventeen she has already experienced more sadness than most people do in a lifetime. Losing her home, family, and best friend leaves her empty so she decides to leave this world. Charlie tries to end her own life but someone discovers her and rushes her to the hospital. After recovering from her injuries, the state sends her to a place for troubled girls, where she meets some great counselors and learns how to control her self-harm urges. Until she is released early after being told her family cannot afford it anymore. Left with some new advice but nothing else, Charlie follows an old friend to the small desert town of Tucson, Arizona, and there she rediscovers herself. She has to figure out the hard way, who she is, what she wants, and if she really wants to keep on living.

This novel was a tough read for me; I laughed, I cried, and cried some more. Going through someone's journey full of self-harm and bad decisions isn't easy, but after finishing it I was glad that I had . Now I have a deeper understanding of what can drive people to suicide and I feel for those who aren't as fortunate as I am. As Charlie quotes in the book "You can spot the girl who have it easy. I don't even have to describe them for you. You can spot the girls who will get because they are tough or athletic... And then there is me" I believe that all of you should read this and delve into a novel that will only show up once in your literary lifetime.

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