Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Are Still Tornadoes


 Scott and Cath have been friends (and neighbors) their entire lives. Cath would help Scott with school and Scott would entertain her with music and dirty jokes. Any fight they had would be quickly forgotten and put in the past, but then  the unimaginable happens, they grow up. Cath goes away for college and Scott stays in their hometown lacking the grades that would take him away.

     During their first year apart these two best friends communicate through letters and phone calls. These letter help them through he daily challenges of adulthood; jobs, roommates, money, deaths, etc. After going through so much these friends soon learn that the only one they want to turn to is each other. What will this mean? Will their friendship become something more? 
        Hilarious, heart-warming, and imaginative this novel navigates through the struggles of becoming an adult, first love, and finding your passions- all set on an 80's soundtrack- answering that beautifully confusing question, what does it mean to be an adult?

The really unique thing about this novel is that it is all told through Scott and Cath's letter's to each other. While some lesser writers would have been unable to use this format and create and understandable book, Michael Kun and Susan Mullen  were more than up to the task. They also managed to create one of the best fictional friendships I have seen yet. Scott and Cath are by no means perfect but they do stand by each other especially when times get tough. I truthfully adored this book its a beautiful unique book that everyone should read.

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