Sunday, May 7, 2017

Icy Sparks


     Set in the late 1950's this book follows the struggles of a young girl with tourettes. Back in these days no one really knew what tourettes was. All of the small minded townsfolk start believing that she was crazy or possessed by some sort of devil. Icy has to fight with accepting who she is, she has to figure out how to live with her condition, and she finally has to figure out what exactly this condition is. Through her life she experiences many ups and downs, discovers new friends, and loses some of her old ones. This novel follows her as she lives out her extraordinary life with a very strange condition. Before reading this book I had a very basic comprehension of what tourettes was and how it affected the people who were afflicted with it. This novel does a spectacular job of drawing you in and showing you exactly what these people have to live with and how it affects everything that they do.
   This is a must-read, and another one of my favorite books. It holds a special place on my bookcase and in my heart. Everyone should peruse this tome and open their mind to the mystery that is tourettes. The best way to understanding others is to walk a mile in their shoes; I do this through literature.

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